Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Year WEIGHT Cycle

Once about every two years my weight goes up like 10lbs or so. How does this happen you ask? Well....

1.     I am at a somewhat stable weight for me (145-150lbs). Even though 150lbs is healthy and that is where I was in high school, I ALWAYS feel like I need to be lower (ugghhhhh why can’t it ever be good enough lol????). With crossfit and all my amazing muscle, less than 150lbs doesn’t seem right though, so 150lb is good for me for now (I hope) 
2.     When I’m at that weight, for about 9-12 months I weigh myself bi-weekly maybe, I work out at that weight 5-6 days a week, I watch what I eat, my clothes fit awesome, I feel amazing and then one day I get cocky and say, “scale schmale – I don’t need to care about the scale, I’m healthy and beautiful and I am healthy and I know what I’m doing…” 

3.     I stop weighing myself.

4.     I continue to work out and eat healthy (less and less days a week though because now I’m being cocky) and I go out and have fun with friends by drinking alcohol, eating Wawa at 2am, eating birthday cake ice cream once a week, eating fried food once a week, eating out at restaurants 3 times a week, eating at parties, eating at BBQs, eating at work functions, eating, eating, EATING

5.     I put on an item of clothing I haven’t worn in a while and BAM its tight
iPhone but whatever
6.     I say I’m going to get my but in gear and eat better
7.     Weeks pass and I don’t

8.     Now I feel horribly about how I think I look because my clothes don’t fit right anymore and reality is striking
9.     I still don’t weigh myself because now I’m afraid
10. Week pass and I get the courage to weigh myself

11. OMG I gained 10-15# above my healthy, happy weight  

This has happened to me maybe 4 times in the last 6 years I guess, and here I am BACK AGAIN.

The next 5 or so steps would be me weighing myself more consistently, writing down all the food I eat, and not going out to eat or drink but MAYBE once a week or less.  And I’ll drop back down to my happy weight, and I probably will get even lower because I’ll be on a role, and then it will start all over. The nice thing is I am at a happy weight for the majority of the time, like 9-15 months, and then for like 3-6 months I’m unhappy trying to lose the weight again.

I know this is the case. I clearly am well aware of this happening every time. So why can’t I stop it and why am I so consistent with this weight inconsistency? This is where I need some type of support because I am really not sure how to get myself out of this 2 year on and off weight rut? HOW do I read some blogs where the writer is like “I don’t ever weigh myself anymore, I know exactly what I can and can’t eat, and I am so healthy and beautiful BLA BLA BLA”

HOW????? Answers, supportive comments and resources are welcome, thank you =)

PS: I want to be healthy and happy, NOT SKINNY! Believe me, my ideal weight of 150lbs is healthy!!

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